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volume 17, issue 1
October 3, 2003

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Expanded Access to Journals in
Business, Language & Literature, and
Arts & Sciences Through JSTOR

Ursinus Collegeís access to JSTOR, the online database that provides fulltext access to scholarly journals, has been expanded, thanks to the recommendation by the Collegeís Budget Committee for the granting of funds by the College Administration.

JSTORís database is separated into subject collections and access to each must be acquired through a separate subscription. In the fall of 2001, Myrin received funding from the College Administration to subscribe to the entirety of the JSTOR collections which, at that time, included Arts & Sciences I, Botany & Ecology, and General Science. Since then, JSTOR has added new collections, selecting titles in consultation with librarians and scholars from colleges and universities across the country, as well as using citation analysis and reviewing the number of institutional subscribers to a journal.

 This summer, the Library learned that a project proposal had been accepted to purchase access to JSTORís three new collections: Business, Language & Literature, and Arts & Sciences II. A&S II offers additional titles in disciplines found in A&S I such as history, economics, and Asian studies and also offers core titles in new disciplines such as classics, archaeology, and African, Latin American, Slavic, and Middle Eastern studies.

All the collections to which Myrin now subscribes can be searched at Please visit for a full list of the disciplines covered by these collections and the titles within those disciplines.

The Myrin Library thanks the Budget Committee and the College Administration for the funds to bring these resources to the Ursinus community.