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Using Lexis-Nexis

The terms of our license limits the use of Lexis-Nexis to Ursinus College coursework. This service is available from any computer that is networked in the Ursinus system.


1. Select the database you want to use.
Just below the list of databases is a brief description of each, under the heading "Search Form Descriptions."
2. Fill in the Search Form with the requested information.
Below the form is a description of the various options (Field Descriptions) and some search tips.
3. At the top of each Search Form is a link to a help section.
Click on Search.
4. Click on Search.
The result will usually be a list of articles or documents.
5. Click on the document title to read the full text.
6. At the top of each Search Form is a link to the list of documents covered by that Form.