Thanks for joining us at Myrin Library's Fifth Annual
Edible Books Festival
on Thursday, April 2, 2009 

Pictures of all entries are below.

See you next year!


Student Entries

First Place Students

Rainbow Fish Cake
Kayla Federline & Samantha Fortin

Second Place Students

A Tree Grows in Cookie-lyn
Meg Dawley?

Third Place Students

Lord of the Peach Rings
Lindsay Sakmann

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Claire Peterson

The Audacity of Peeps
Claire Peterson

The 3 Musketeers
Claire Peterson

Little Bowed Peeps
Lindsay Sakmann

The Scarlet Cheddar

Lindsay Sakmann

New Moon Pie

Lindsay Sakmann

Faculty/Staff Entries

First Place Faculty/Staff

The Devil Wears "Produce"
Ginny Bradely, Heather Brown, Carolyn Moatz, Marci Stehman,  Linda Wacher

Second Place Faculty/Staff

Dewey, The Small Town Library Cat
Dominique de St. Etienne

Third Place Faculty/Staff

Nina LaTassa

Hannah Banana Montana
Dana Pienta

The Great Latke/The Great Gatsby
Diane Skorina

The Shack
Maureen Damiano

If You Give a Mousse a Muffin
Maureen Damiano

20,000 Leagues Under the "C"
Monica Giancarlo

 Five Little Chicks
Denise Hartman & Charlie Jamison

Thanks to all who participated!


What's this all about?

The Edible Books Festival is an International Event, with participation from venues in countries from Australia to Luxembourg to the United States, and almost everywhere in between. The festival was created by Judith A. Hoffberg and Beatrice Coron in 1999, and has grown ever since. Click here for the official site.

Myrin's first Edible Books Festival was held in 2005, led by student assistant Jessica Gallagher. Take a look at pictures from the past two years, too. Any questions or comments, please e-mail Diane Skorina.