Introduction to the Exhibit

Welcome to the Ursinus College Library's virtual exhibit: Selected Photographs from the Ursinusiana Collection, 1880s-1950s.

Ursinus College has a rich and diverse archives collection. Commonly called the "Ursinusiana Collection," it contains printed documents that date back to the days before the College was founded, in addition to complete runs of the Ursinus student newspaper and yearbook, an extensive set of student honors papers, and many other printed materials that help to document the history of Ursinus College.

In this collection you will also find unique items such as the Freeland Hall bell that weighs in at a hefty 700 pounds and was purchased in 1849 (at .37 a pound plus $36.00 for installation), a wooden pipe from the Clark Memorial Organ that was dedicated in 1916, and an Ursinus flag that was flown at the South Pole in 1963 by Chip Wiest, Class of 1963.

Another group of fascinating materials in the Ursinusiana Collection is the collection of photographs that visually document the life and times of Ursinus from the late 1800s to the present day. It is these historic documents that we showcase in this virtual exhibit. The images that you will see here are digital reproductions of the original photographs, produced with a scanner and microcomputer. They are a representative sample of the hundreds of photographic images that the Myrin Library will preserve in digital format as part of a document preservation effort called the Myrin Library Digital Archives Project.

This virtual exhibit covers the early years of the College, through to the 1950s. Part two, which will be created at a later date, will continue along to the present.

We are pleased to have you visit our virtual exhibit, and hope that you will enjoy it. And please feel free to use the "Comments" section to send us your thoughts. We'd love to hear from you!

Charles A. Jamison
Myrin Library Director

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